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Here’s what potential campers need to know about SUMMA.

When you spend eight days with us at SUMMA Theological Debate Summer Camp, you’ll gain the confidence you need to speak your truth in love and live your faith far more deeply than you imagined.

As a SUMMA camper, you’ll start and end each day with prayer in the Chapel of the Apostles of the School of Theology, followed by engaging lectures and seminar groups led by University professors, theologians, and clergy that will expand your understanding of the Christian faith. In between, you will participate in fun activities like hiking, soccer, basketball, arts and crafts – or chilling in a hammock and enjoying the great outdoors.

Working in small groups, you’ll form your debate arguments and engage in discussions that will sharpen your analytical skills. At the end-of-camp tournament, each camper will debate both the affirmative and the negative positions of a debate resolution, which have included:

  • Civil disobedience is morally justified,
  • Churches should be gun-free zones,
  • Christians, Muslims, and Jews all worship the same God,
  • Outside the church, there is no salvation.

Many campers tell us that SUMMA was a life-changing experience. Here’s a sample of what campers have shared with us in surveys:

  • “I felt at home in my skin for the first time,”
  • “I formed lifelong friendships through SUMMA,”
  • “The lectures were amazing. I was absolutely in awe,”
  • “It strengthened my connection with God,”
  • “SUMMA was a watershed moment in my high school career. It aroused my curiosity and galvanized my appetite for knowledge.”

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, find your voice, and deepen your faith, you’ll find all of that and more at SUMMA. Join us at the next SUMMA Theological Debate Summer Camp. There’s no better place to enjoy the great outdoors, make new friends, and explore life’s biggest questions.



Explore the Christian faith, prepare for college — and play sports, perform in a talent show, or have fun doing arts & crafts.

Do I need previous debate experience?

Most campers have little or no debate experience. Each day you’ll learn the fundamentals of debate and public speaking — skills you’ll use your entire life.

SUMMA Stories

Zaige shares how SUMMA broadened his perspective.

SUMMA Stories

Abby explored her interest in theology and learned how to think on her feet.

Is SUMMA for you?

  • Entering grades 9-12 in the fall of the camp year,
  • Interested in developing critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills for college and career,
  • No prior debate experience or theological study required,
  • Would like to engage with your personal faith in a meaningful way,
  • Meet new people and form lasting friendships,
  • Worship and pray in the Episcopal tradition,
  • We warmly welcome campers from diverse backgrounds and faith traditions.

Get a taste of the college experience.

You’ll live in a dorm, eat in the dining hall, and attend chapel each day on one of the world’s most beautiful college campuses.

SUMMA Snapshots

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